Setting the scene: I have a roommate. Said roommate acquired a girlfriend who now lives with us.

My clothes have been mysteriously disappearing for awhile. I thought nothing of it as I have way more clothes than any one person should, and I misplace things sometimes. Things have seemed a little fishy lately as I have been missing key pieces of my wardrobe. Earlier this week, my roommate and his girlfriend came home and she was wearing one of my favorite hoodies — coincidentally one that I have had trouble locating. At this moment, thinking she innocently just owns the same one, told her 'hey, I have that same hoodie!' She replies, 'yeah, I love it, I got it a long time ago.' 1. I have never seen her wear this hoodie and 2. AE didn't even sell this style until the beginning of 2013. I brush it off for the night.


The next day I come home and they aren't home. I notice the door to his room is open and the hoodie is lying on the bed. I become curious as to what size it is as she is a lot tinier than I am (she swims in my XS dresses). The hoodie is, in fact, a size small. Annoyed, I look in the closet, and on the ground is one of my size M tank tops. I am angry at this point.

Today I come home, I say hi to the dog that is lying on their bed and notice in a laundry hamper is my MOTHER'S VINTAGE COLLEGE SWEATSHIRT. As well as a wool cardigan from Marshall's that I've been missing. I look in the closet again...a very distinct polka dot button down is draped over the hamper, with the tear in the pocket that got me a discount when I bought it. On the ground is my favorite J. Crew button down tucked inside a much older J. Crew wool sweater that I bought on eBay so there's virtually no chance we bought the same one.


I'm angry. I want my clothes back and don't know how to approach this. I never leave my laundry in the dryer and a couple of those things I haven't even worn yet. And I still can't locate a kind of expensive sweater I got from pacsun earlier this year that disappeared two weeks after she raved about it.

I need advice or personal anecdotes relating to this. Am I living with a kleptomaniac? I am so frustrated and I don't know how to handle it. RahhhhhhhhwwrrrslaKJLSA.


EDIT: I have to add a lovely moment her and I had this evening. She came home and remarked about the scarf I was wearing, saying, 'hey, I have that same scarf! I wonder where it's at...' she's dangerously close to accusing me of stealing. Also every single one of our spoons have disappeared...


UPDATE: Original roommate has been consulted. Right now he is super apologetic, trying to get to the bottom of what all is mine in their room, and is gonna let me go through everything more thoroughly this weekend. He is going to begin asking subtle questions towards gf about these 'new' clothes so he can work on a proper segue to bring this up. He informed me today that gf WORE my mother's college sweatshirt (hard to mix this up for modern clothes, it's about 30 years old) on Friday. He said he remembered mentioning to her 'you look like a mom.' Yeah, go figure.

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