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Roommate has been consulted. Right now he is super apologetic, trying to get to the bottom of what all is mine in their room, and is gonna let me go through everything more thoroughly this weekend. He informed me today that gf WORE my mother's college sweatshirt (hard to mix this up for modern clothes, it's about 30 years old) on Friday. He said he remembered mentioning to her 'you look like a mom.' Yeah, go figure.

After we discuss which items I found that were mine, and their location, he comes home and promptly informs me he can't find the button down that was draped over the hamper. Long story short, gf comes home wearing it. I come home later in the evening, gf is on the couch under a blanket and roommate is on his laptop. I say hi and run upstairs. I notice gf runs upstairs shortly after me and closes her bedroom door for awhile. I go downstairs and roommate informs me he feels super weird and noticed her PULLING UP THE BLANKET OVER HER when I walked in, and then she promptly changes.


Anyhow, they go out tonight. I go in their room, not only are a ton of those clothes that were mine laying on the bed, there is an ADDITIONAL SWEATER of mine added to that pile. It's a very distinct Urban Outfitters sweater that I've been trying to doctor up since I caused it to pill uncontrollably after washing/looking at it the wrong way. Angry, I go back in their closet and go through her drawers.

!!!! Since YESTERDAY she's added an additional three items of my wardrobe to her treasure trove. J. Crew tops, one I tried on just last week and neither have been in the laundry since. Roommate even said gf said herself that she never wears J. Crew because everything is too big for her...but all of a sudden she has a collection of J. Crew clothes. Anyway, the other item was a skirt which I've NEVER worn and obviously never washed so it's never been removed from my bedroom.


I should add that she washed my wool J. Crew sweater that is DRY CLEAN ONLY and now it only fits American Girl dolls. At least if you steal my clothes, follow the care tags, ya putz.

My roommate and I are calculating our next move. Although I think he needs to call her out. :)



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